New English post about the School of Nations

This May my second translated short story called School of Nations was published by the IEMed and Mediterranya blog. You can read my short story here and here if you are interested. Now I would like to write about the story behind the story.
In April I wrote a post for you about my first dystopic short story called New World (you can read a post here). After this award ceremony I had a new idea about a special post-apocalyptic future where people live in nuclear bunkers under the ground. In this world the most important thing is to protect the national treasure and the language, that’s why kids cannot speak and make friendships with other nations. But one Hungarian boy falls in love in a Serbian girl.
This plot was really good for the 6th Sea of Words International Competiton because the topic was the “intercultural dialogue”. I have so much experience about that because I have spent one summer in Canada and now I live in Poland and I personally enjoy the multicultural differences and love to get to know people with different backgrounds and cultures. Unfortunately, I have experienced the bad side as well. I realized that extreme nationalism can be really discriminating.
I was really glad when I heard that my short story was among the 15 finalists in this international competition. I travelled to Barcelona for the awarding ceremony and some writing seminars. I met some very interesting writers from across Europe and the Mediterranean area.
I hope you will find my short story interesting. Thank you for reading!

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