Dear Mr. King

Dear Mr. King,

I decided to write you an open letter a long, long time ago, but I always just think about it and have never accomplished the task.  I was a little bit desperate about this and I thought you might never read this letter, and you’ve heard a thousand times the sentence “I started to write because of your novels”. Then this November I have decided to express my gratitude towards you, because it feels right this way.

I was a little bit of a weird child, who started to read your books at the age of twelve. My parents weren’t thrilled about it, but they are quite open-minded, so they found peace with it (they were happy that I started to read real books instead of comics). The first book that I read from you was Carrie (that was a coincidence), then I’ve read almost every book of yours.

I never thought I would want to become a writer. Unfortunately in my country teachers just don’t say such things to child that “you should be considering writing seriously” (oh, I love Hungarian education).  But I started to write a story after I fell in love with Bag of Bones. Mike Noonan just stole my fourteen year old heart big time. I even read this novel out loud for my best friend (she also loved it). After that I outlined a little story which I’ve never finished.


Your novels were with me in the road of becoming an adult. That’s not a bad thing, because I haven’t formed into a serial killer, just a struggling 28 year old writer (I hope it is better). I came a long way until I realized that I want to become a writer. But your books helped me, they always gave me a feeling that I would like to create quality stuff.

I am still on my way to get published with a novel; I fought my own little battles. I’ve got a lot of rejections and some little and bigger successes. I learn, read and write a lot. I hope I am getting better. I would like to form my voice and find my own way of writing (and no, I am not writing horror most of the time).

Maybe I would have found my path to writing without your books. But I think your novels, your lines shaped my writing and formed my life in a unique way. And I think I should be really grateful to you. Your books and your life always help me when I feel lost.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,


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