Prompt Friday

We started a new writing project with my best writer friend Fanni Sütő. Every Friday we will complete a short writing challange in English and Hungarian. You can find Fanni’s solution in her new home page: Ink, Maps and Macarons. We will write both in English and Hungarian. The English writing is my Everest, that’s why I will start the learning process with these short promts. Today’s challange: “The most beautiful smile I ever saw…”


“The most beautiful smile I ever saw…”

The most beautiful smile I ever saw was hers. Unfortunately I was lying on the floor when I noticed this incredible smile. I was goddamn drunk in the middle of the most popular bar in my home town. The light flickered on the ceiling, the old wooden tables were dancing around me. I was heartbroken on that particular night, and I thought that I had already known the prettiest smile in the world and I had lost it forever.

One of my friends helped me to fight the battle with the angry army of vodka shots. I thought vodka was the best medicine for the broken heart, but then I realized that the perfectly curved lips were so much better.

I lost my sense of time and space, my mouth was bitter because of the alcohol. I heard the loud music pumping in the rhythm of my heart, loud laugh evoked in the distance. I opened my eyes.

Her shiny lips were just above me in a kissing distance. I could feel her breath on my hot skin. I closed my eyes again, then I felt her sweet lips on mine.

We kissed for minutes on the dirty floor of the crowded pub. The problems of my life disappeared. I wanted to say something, but the music suddenly stopped and the pub went completely dark.

When I regained my consciousness in my friend’s room I just felt the lingering scent of the girl‘s sweet perfume and I have never seen her beautiful smile ever again.

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