Prompt Friday

Last week was quite exhausting for me, that’s why we skipped our weekly prompt. But now I am in Kraków, so I can write again peacefully. This week’s prompt is the following: “You walk into your house and it’s completely different – furniture, decor, all changed. And nobody’s home.” Really exciting topic, so this is my solution. And you can find Fanni’s here.


It was a grey, sunless day, when I had to go home early from my workplace because of electricity issues. In the corridor leading up to the flat I started to feel this really strange smell from my apartment. When I opened the door the sweet, vanilla-like scent intensified. I put my hand in front of my mouth when I saw my apartment. My discreet ivory white walls turned into dark purple, my furniture completely disappeared from the American kitchen style living room.  Pink bean bag chairs lay on the floor, hundreds of candles gave the discreet light.

I held my breath, my chest tightened. A strange noise drifted out from my bedroom. I tiptoed closer and grabbed the cold doorknob. Silent classical music was played by an MP3-player. Rose petals covered the dimly lit room. In the middle of my cozy bedroom t a black sex swing was hanging from the ceiling.

I looked at my keys and then back to the entrance door. I was confused, but I was quite sure that this flat belonged to me.  I rushed into the bathroom and out to the balcony, but nothing was mine anymore. I started to feel the rush of bitter panic from my stomach.

Two strange girls walked into the room, I hid in the closet; inside every dress was silky and slippery.  I couldn’t see the girls, but they just entered the apartment. They spoke a foreign language, hard, like Russian.  I felt an instant unease. When the voices faded away I rushed out from my strange apartment to this street as quickly as possible.

I took a deep breath outside. I closed my eyes and listened to my own heartbeat. Then I opened my eyes. The sun was shining, the warm breeze reached my coat-covered body. Everybody wore summer clothes, bikini tops and big, unfamiliar hats.

I remembered that I had taken a strange bus from my workplace with an unknown number. I started to run back to the bus stop. I teenage girl sucked a colorful lollipop there.

“Excuse me. Where are we exactly?” I asked.

“In the middle of fucking nowhere” She answered me. “Did you take the 631 bus?”

“Yes…” I said in an uncertain voice.

“That was a big mistake.” She said and walked away towards the greenish river under the crimson sky.

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