What is this all about?

I am blogger since 2012, I have an author’s page in Hungarian (contains some English info if you click here) and a Paranormal Magazine. Since I live my life in English and Hungarian I’ve played with a thought for a long time to have an all English language blog. In this blog I’d like to share my life with you with cruel honesty 🙂 At least I am trying to, because I have a lot to share about anxiety, living a creative life and moving far away from home.

 I am a recovering agoraphobiac who actually loves to travel and I live my life in a different country with my husband. Actually I have big issues with travelling alone, riding a bus alone and even go for a long walk. I started to recover from my panic disorder and agoraphobia one year ago but I know that’s a lifelong journey for me. I have struggled with anxiety since my childhood, I had better and worse periods in my life. I’d like to share my experiences with anxiety. I’ve never believed in pills and after a lot of years of therapy (and five years in university learning psychology) I’ve been disappointed psychotherapy as well. I don’t think that I can share an ultimate wisdom about how to heal from anxiety but I can share my thoughts and methods with you.

But I won’t dedicate this blog just to anxiety and agoraphobia. I’d like to write about all the life crisis I am struggling with. After university I left the usual path, I’ve never used my degree to find a “normal” job. I decided to live a creative life and after five years of hard work I published one book in Hungary (and the second is coming in December). Instead of became a psychologist I chose a completely different path. Now I am an author, an editor, a blogger, an online journalist and trying to be a translator too. Still a long way to go. This five year was the most difficult part of my life. Actually I’ve never thought it is going to be so hard. As a teenager I was an “A” student, I went to university and I thought that’s it. And then I realized that’s not really it. I saw my close friends struggling in their twenties with carriers and life choices. I think it’s really worth to talk about. Life is not all planned out. It’s not just about school, work, having kids, retirement and death. I felt like suffocating when I thought about this kind of life path. Still to choose not to follow this “normal” path was the hardest. We moved to a different country we filled our life with experiences.

So this blog is all about life. Living abroad, living as a freelancer, travelling with phobias, living with your fears, accepting yourself. As I said I am not sharing any wisdom with you. I am just a thirty year old with some experiences. But I would like to invite you to figure out stuff together. I hope you’ll stick with me.