My November

 I wrote a post about NaNoWriMo in October. Now it is the first day of December, so I should summarize the whole month and my experience.  
This is my third year with NaNoWriMo. I am always working on my trilogy in November. Now I am writing the third book, which is called Take Care of Me. This year I joined to the Polish region, which was a good decision because I could meet some Polish creative writers. They were really nice to me and they actually talked to me in English. We met twice in my favorite English bookshop (which is actually on my street). And I got some nice gifts like a pen, stickers, coffee, tea and chocolate. It was nice to talk to people similar to me.
This year I was more satisfied with my word count. I finished on Saturday and the victory was quite a pleasure this year too. My favorite thing in NaNo is that you can forget every worry about writing and just write with the flow. I had some magical moments when my characters came alive and started doing things on their own. I think if I planned every piece of my novel this magic wouldn’t happen. In this month I forgot all about writer’s block and I didn’t wait for my non-existent muse. I just sat down and wrote. And I wrote 50K words, so now I have 132 pages of my novel ready, and I am really proud of it. But it it’s not finished yet. I think I am about halfway through my story.
But November showed me again that I can work on deadlines and I can create every day. And the sense of community still enchants me every year. My favorite writing buddy (Fanni Sütő) also did the NaNo this year and our conversations were priceless.
I recommend NaNo for every writer because sometimes if you are tired or uninspired, the best things can happen with you novel. Just write and see what’s happening. I think you shouldn’t overthink every little piece in your writing. Because the best things are really magical and they will happen if you start to write actually.

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