Things without which I couldn’t have survived my panic disorder

Deep in the worst period of my life, one psychiatrist prescribed me antidepressants twice a day and a Xanax-like tranquilizer three times a day. He said without these my anxiety would get worse. I was devastated. I went home (cried a bit… okay I cried a lot), and I decided I was not going down this road. I didn’t take any of those medicines. And yeah, that time my anxiety was the worst. I couldn’t take a shower when my husband wasn’t home because I was too afraid of dying in the shower. And yeah one little bus ride (even with my safe person) put me on edge. Three years ago I buried my face in my husband’s chest to survive the public transport. And yet here I am. Yesterday I went on a thirty-minute bus ride to the city centre completely alone. It took me a long time though and I have just started to get my life back.

In this post I’d like to show you my special equipment (or my survival kit) on the long journey of healing. I highly recommend it, if you live with any kind of anxiety disorder.


Daily mindfulness meditations are the best tool for managing anxiety. It helps your mind to get some space literally. Andy Puddicombe is the best coach for that. In the Headspace app or website you can find several packs for improving your creativity/anxiety/sleep/depression or life in general. You can try these out in a free trial period and start from the basics. I highly recommend the subscription, with that you can reach every meditation recording. It costs around 7-10 pounds a month. Headspace actually saved my life.

Yoga with Adriene

Everyday yoga works like a charm if you have anxiety disorder. For me exercising was really hard, because when my heart rate went up I instantly got an attack. And yeah, like every anxiety coach suggests, exercise. In my worst days Adriene was the only one who brought me back to life. She’s got yoga for beginners and motivational yoga challenges. She is the best teacher, working on mind and body together.


Barry McDonagh’s book is the best tool I’ve ever been introduced to. I highly recommend the DARE book and the DARE workbook as well if you have anxiety disorder. It’s quite a new way to look at your anxiety. Yesterday I tried the DARE app and it‘s really nice with some nice audios to help you out in tough situations.

Claire Weekes’ books

Claire Weekes completely changed my way to look at my anxiety. Actually these are quite old books but they offer you the best tools. Weeks’ method is quite similar to the DARE response, but I think they work best together. Weeks’ thoughts about anxiety and phobias are crystal clear. I reread these books from time to time if I need a reminder.

Plus tools

I am not a fan of instant solutions (I would be but they don’t really work). So I wouldn’t offer you chamomile tea, vitamin B or any of these. Believe me, I tried everything. But the truth is that you need to work hard on those anxious thoughts and the vitamin B’s won’t change your anxious brain. But walking and drinking a lot of water can be beneficial if you keep to it every day.

I hope you have found something useful in my anti-anxiety tool-kit!

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