All about New World

My first English publication arrived
on 2nd April. Thanks for The Tophat Raven Magazine for that! Now I’ll tell you
all about my short story, called New World. And you can read it, if you click here (page 37)!
Last spring I won a Hungarian
literary competition, whose topic was tolerance. It was my first real success
with a short story and I was so glad. Also it was my first dystopian story
about the future society. Since then I have written a lot of dystopias, because I can
express through them my feelings and fears about the nations, people and
ideologies.  My first win was a huge motivation for my work and one of the
judges told me not to stop, which meant a lot for my inner writer.
New World is about a future society
where heterosexuality is forbidden because it is dirty and spreads diseases. In
this world homosexuality is the only way to raise children properly. I am
interested in this kind of topic and I hope it gives a new ways of thinking
about normality and discrimination.
Now I am reading Aldous Huxley’s
Brave New World and I realized that he has the same way of thinking. I would
like to write a dystopian novel later in my life but the topic is not clear
I hope you will enjoy my short
story and I would like to thank Gábor Tóth for the translation, Fanni Sütő and
Klári Ladányi-Laurinyecz for the corrections! J
Photos about me in the award ceremony:

pictures: Pinterest and Újpesti Napló

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